Ital Gas Storage is the first independent operator in the Italian gas storage sector.
On 15 March 2011, after a long authorisation process, IGS obtained a concession, with a total duration of 40 years, for the realisation and commissioning of a gas storage facility to be built in a depleted gas reservoir located in Cornegliano Laudense (LO) from the Ministry of Economic Development, in agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea and with the region of Lombardy.

Construction began in December 2015 and the gas storage facility is scheduled to be fully operational in 2018.

The Italian gas storage sector is regulated – both operationally and commercially – by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water, which not only establish the guidelines for the services offered, but also assess the economic and financial performance of the gas storage operators.

Industrial and strategic investment

The new services offered by the gas storage will serve the entire Italian and European energy system. The storage is considered a strategic energy infrastructure by both Italian and European institutions due to the impact it will have on the security of the gas supply, on the increase of competition between operators for the benefit of the end user and on the integration of renewable resources in the energy system. Learn more

Financial solidity

The prestige of the shareholders, combined with the project financing, signed at the end of 2015, for more than €1 billion, with a club of leading Italian and international banks, confirms Ital Gas Storage's unquestionable financial solidity and demonstrates its ability to attract significant foreign capital (more than 80% of total capital) to build a strategic infrastructure for Italy. Learn more

Expertise and excellence involved

The driving force of the initiative lies in the know-how and vast experience of everyone involved in the construction of the storage, specifically selected for their level of expertise and past results achieved. Learn more

Ethical and transparent approach

The storage project was initiated to add value to an already existing natural resource that is valuable and useful to man. Every action is guided by a deep sense of responsibility towards the local community and all of Italy.