How it is structured

The storage is built on two plots of land (Cluster A and Cluster B), from which depart the underground wells that are used to connect the reservoir to the treatment and compression station, minimising the impact above ground. Cluster A is adjacent to the Central Area, while Cluster B is located 1.8 km away and is connected by a pipeline.
The storage plant is composed of the following elements:


a porous and permeable geological unit, mineralized natural gas whose production is now exhausted.


interface between the reservoir and the surface. The wells are divided into two Clusters (A and B).

Working gas

amount of gas owned by the clients of the storage that is injected and withdrawn at each cycle.

Treatment and compression station

area where the compressors (equipment for the removal of gas from the network and the injection of gas into the reservoir through the wells), and the equipment for the treatment, measurement and emission to the network of the gas extracted from the reservoir are installed.

Internal pipeline

the pipeline for the transport of the gas from Cluster B to the treatment and compression station.

Connection to the national electricity and gas transmission networks

electricity connection - the connection is established via a substation built by Terna S.p.A.
gas connection - the connection is via a 9 km methane pipeline connected to the SNAM network.

Cushion gas

amount of gas owned by Ital Gas Storage that is injected at the beginning of the storage activity and remains immobilized for the entire duration of the concession. This gas is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the storage.

How it works

The storage process is divided into several phases: the compression/injection phase, the withdrawal phase and the delivery phase. Each phase is carefully managed during every step thanks to a fully computerised control system.

The storage of the gas begins with its injection into the reservoir through the compression systems that drive the clients’ gas into the reservoir through the connecting wells.
The gas withdrawal and delivery phases occur upon the customer's request. The process consists of: