Below is an overview of the two main promoters of the Cornegliano Laudense storage:

Whysol Investments is the founding sponsor of Ital Gas Storage. Whysol Investments is an independent investment company, specialised in strategic infrastructure and in businesses that develop innovative technologies in diverse sectors with high growth potential in international markets, founded and directed by Alberto Bitetto, who is also the president of Ital Gas Storage. The distinctive characteristic of Whysol Investments lies in its hands-on, industrial investment approach, with a proactive, direct involvement in the field throughout the various investment phases.

Sandstone B.V., indirectly controlled by North Haven Infrastructure Partners II, is the main investor of Ital Gas Storage. North Haven Infrastructure Partners II is an infrastructure fund managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure, one of the most important leaders in infrastructure investment on a global level. Morgan Stanley Infrastructure adopts consolidated and disciplined processes that allow for investment in various infrastructural assets, mainly in OCSE countries, seeking to add value through operational improvement. The team members have extensive experience in infrastructure investments.