The Ital Gas Storage plant, currently under construction, consists of the conversion of a depleted underground natural gas reservoir located near the town of Cornegliano Laudense (Lodi) in Northen Italy.

The new plant, developed using the best technologies available and in compliance with stringent security regulations, will be connected to the Italian gas transmission network through the Cervignano junction, one of the most important points of the Italian gas transport system, where the largest Italian and European gas pipelines merge.

History of Cornegliano Laudense

Cornegliano Laudense is a municipality in the province of Lodi with a truly ancient history. It was the site of many historic battles, both during the days of the Roman Empire and during the medieval period. Cornegliano Laudense is the village where many noble Roman families found permanent home, after fleeing from the ruins of the Eternal City, ravaged by Barbarian invaders. The town and the surrounding areas were soon discovered to have an extraordinary fertile soil, which represents one of the area’s most significant resources even today.

In the 1950's, in Cornegliano Laudense, Enrico Mattei discovered one of the most important underground natural gas reservoirs in Italy, which today represents a significant part of Italy's industrial archaeology. Mattei can be considered the father of what, at the time, represented a new form of energy in Italy: natural gas. Thanks to his insight, the dream to give Italy a new impulse became true; perforations were increased and the construction of a pipeline network for methane utilisation began.

Today, Ital Gas Storage aims to give new life to the Cornegliano Laudense gas reservoir, destined to become a facility of primary importance at both an Italian and European level, thanks to state-of-the-art engineering and strict security standards.